Message from Management

Under our corporate philosophy of "Through the endless possibilities of chemistry, we bring happiness created by highly functional materials." the Toagosei Group aims to become a value-creating corporate group that continuously produces distinctive new products and businesses by leveraging our technical expertise to support sustainable growth.

In a rapidly evolving global business environment, we plan to thoroughly strengthen our corporate structure for our domestic businesses, in each business area where the Toagosei Group operates— Commodity Chemicals, Polymers & Oligomers, Adhesives Materials, Performance Chemicals, and Plastics. We will also focus on growth in overseas markets such as the United States and Asia, aiming to build our profile in the chemical industry across each region.

The Toagosei Group considers corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important issue. Day by day, we strive to fulfill the aims of our CSR policy by prioritizing safety and operational stability as a manufacturer of chemical products, and also actively working toward strengthening corporate governance at every level, prospering together with local communities, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

In order to achieve these management goals while developing our businesses in a sustainable way, it is vital that the Toagosei Group maintains a dialogue with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, local communities, clients, employees, and future generations, thus meeting their expectations and earning their trust.

We would always appreciate to receive feedback and advice from all stakeholders of the Toagosei Group.

Mikishi Takamura